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Where to Find the Montreal Bread Company Vibe in the City

The closure of the beloved Montreal Bread Company (MBCo) left a void in the culinary landscape of multiple cities like Toronto, Quebec, and Chicago, where its cafes once stood. For fans of MBCo, it is hard to find a worthy replacement that captures the essence of this iconic chain restaurant. With its laidback ambiance paired with upscale offerings rooted in Montreal’s multiculturalism, MBCo had an indelible impact.

As admirers of MBCo, it is our duty to keep its spirit alive. We set out on a mission to uncover eateries that resonate with qualities at the core of MBCo’s identity. From European influences to high-quality fare at reasonable prices served in casual settings, we curated spots that check off criteria dear to MBCo enthusiasts. Read on for our top two picks.

MBCo – Montreal Bread Company

Montreal Bread Company

Our Top 2 Picks for MBCo Enthusiasts

To properly pay our respects to this dearly departed chain, we sought to uncover eateries embodying attributes synonymous with MBCo’s spirit. First, the setting must instantly envelop guests with warmth and familiarity. Next, the cuisine should span a range of influences from multiple European regions while integrating local Quebec flair. Finally, accessibility and quality should be balanced to create comfort food perfect for gatherings with close companions for memorable meals.

Equipped with criteria encapsulating MBCo’s ethos, we set off on the quest for eateries worthy enough to carry on its legacy.

Wienstein & Gavino’s

Wienstein & Gavino’s

1434 Crescent Street, Montreal, QC H3G 2B6

Spread out across three lively floors, Wienstein & Gavino’s charms diners with its rustic-chic ambiance. Exposed bricks, colourful textiles and the mouthwatering aroma wafting from the open kitchen make it the ideal spot for cozying up to family-style platters or lingering over Aperol spritzes with friends late into the evening.

It captures the breezy European essence and inclusive spirit woven into MBCo’s identity. Wienstein & Gavino’s rings true to its Italian inspiration while infusing traditional fare with local influences. Handmade pasta showcases Quebec’s seasonal bounty alongside classics like chicken parmesan, and pizza Margherita cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven.

Fans of MBCo will feel right at home thanks to familiar favourites like smoked meat sandwiches and French pastries featured alongside regional Italian specialties. For a taste of la dolce vita with Montreal’s distinctive flair, savour Wienstein & Gavino’s delectable offerings from start to tiramisu.

La Boulangerie Moderne

1447 Rue Stanley, Montreal, QC H3A 1P4

Tucked away in a lively corner of Montreal stands La Boulangerie Moderne, an unassuming yet utterly charming spot. Sunlight streams through windows overlooking leafy streets, warming up the cozy interior dotted with small tables perfect for an intimate catch-up over croissants and café au lait.

It brings a little slice of Paris to Montreal through French-inspired specialties like quiches overflowing with seasonal vegetables, pains au chocolat oozing bittersweet notes and impressive towers of macarons in rainbow hues. Its baked goods hold their own against the best patisseries in France.

For longtime MBCo loyalists, La Boulangerie Moderne hits familiar notes with its laidback ambiance and high-quality fare, which is perfect for gatherings with dear friends. Sink your teeth into toasted sandwiches stuffed with melted brie, tomato and pesto on freshly baked baguettes. Share a salad Niçoise or a platter of French cheeses and charcuterie that transport the senses straight to a charming café on the Rive Gauche in Paris.

La Boulangerie Moderne

What Makes These Picks Stand Out

Both eateries capture distinct aspects intrinsic to MBCo’s essence. Wienstein & Gavino’s vibrant setting, diverse European-inspired dishes and embodiment of Montreal’s cross-cultural spirit channel the chain’s cosmopolitan nature. Meanwhile, La Boulangerie Moderne’s unpretentious charm, French-style baked goods and neighbourhood cafe vibe mirror MBCo’s humble beginnings.

Beyond the similarities lies unique touches only found at each establishment. Wienstein & Gavino’s draws influence from various regions of Italy to present creative fare bursting with seasonal flavours. La Boulangerie Moderne maintains traditional techniques perfected by skilled French artisans to create indulgent pastries destined to become local legends in their own right.

Their distinctive features make both worthy successors to carry on the legacy of the iconic Montreal Bread Company. By paying homage to MBCo’s spirit through cuisine, community and cherished memories infused into every visit, Wienstein & Gavino’s and La Boulangerie Moderne have earned their place as torchbearers.